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I have received a note from my blogger page indicating we have had over 20,000 views of my  little blog.  They suggested I start including advertising.  I hate blog advertising.  As you read a story, an ad pops up… you have to stop, delete it and sometimes get redirected anyway. I thought instead, I would try a trial run with the old style advertising as used in the early days of radio and TV.  This is where the product was actually introduced in the story…such as, with Matt Dillon in the old “Gunsmoke” series.  “You know Chester, we may be up here in these rocks a long time, waiting  for the Ned Logan outlaw gang to return to their hideout.  It’s a good thing we have these flavorful L&M cigarettes with us.  Ah, (inhales) great tobacco taste and all the flavor of the old west.  A real smoke, my smoke, Matt Dillon, U.S. Marshall and loyal L&M cigarette lawman”.
If there are a number of viewers, I will bill the mentioned products and see if they will pay.  To me, this is more crea…
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My bride, Mizz Nancy, and I live near four of our grandchildren in California and get to watch their activities.We went to our first-grader Bellamy’s assembly at school where she received an award for acceptance.   This child loves everyone and demonstrates God's love to all around her... I am going to run her for mayor. 
     I looked out over Bellamy’s gym and saw row after row of elementary school boys and had flashbacks to my days in the primary grades.  My teachers would have worked to keep the boys separate, because little boys can be troublesome and nasty.
     We had one particular desperado who I recall was named Stanley.  He was in my 2nd grade class in Sherman, Texas and was one of the most confident, self-assured people I have ever met.   Stanley ALWAYS wore cowboy boots.  When it was warm he would wear them with shorts and when it got cold, he would tuck his jeans into the tops.   Nothing… no teacher, parent or older student concerned Stanley.  He attended my school cla…


As we celebrated Christmas throughout my childhood, I spent a lot of time with kinsmen who grew up poor during the depression.They “tsk- tsked” the relative orgy of gifts we received, while feeling compelled to tell us how rough they had it growing up.It became a competition to detail how poor they were and how we should pity their plight when they were my age. Stories abounded about their meager gifts and how glad they were to receive them.We were told we should be ashamed of ourselves for asking for specific gifts and we should be grateful for what we received.“Why, when I was your age, all I received for Christmas was a piece of hard candy and new shoelaces.”
     OK, that’s pretty rough…but when it did not receive the proper response after the 20th telling, it changed to, “Why, when I was your age, all I received was a strand of barbed wire to use as shoelaces in my work boots.”  
     Not to be out done, another aunt or uncle would say, “Well, all we received was one tamale for Chr…


I have struggled my entire life attempting to embrace and love Santa.However, ever since I can remember he has seemed arrogant, pompous and intrusive.“He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake”?…”He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for
goodness sake”??? Santa struck me as scary as clowns…(I do not trust clowns, the Lone Ranger or anyone who hides their face.)
     Even as a little kid, the definition of “good” seemed arbitrary and does this scary pervert see us sleeping and probably in stages of nakedness, as we prepare for bed?  How does one define “good”?   If one is not “good”, he receives no gifts?  By whose interpretation is one good?  I was always told we received gifts from Santa and gifts from our parents, often wrapped in the same paper.  I felt if the “poor” kids in town we were collecting for in class needed help, Santa could provide it…he never did.  It was up to us to kick in food and toys for the under-privileged.  Santa only seemed to have …


In the spring of the early 1970’s, I was transferred from Mounds Mall in Indiana to the “Promotions Director” role at Irving Mall…Irving, Texas! At that time, Irving Mall was well before it’s time.DFW Airport was under construction, there were no businesses to speak of on Highway 183, and little or no population until you hit Fort Worth.
     I could have stood out in front of the mall with a cannon, fired off a round and not hit anyone in a  ten-mile radius.  It was QUIET.  I tried everything to get people to shop with us, but it was a battle.  Our tenant mix could be duplicated many times over in sexier, better located malls and my “promotions” did little to sway consumers to come to Irving, Texas.   There were NO SHOPPERS at our mall.  I seemed to be taking ALL my meals at the virtually empty McCrory’s buffet and could have rolled a bowling ball down the lengthy, one level mall and it would not run into anyone.  It was like an episode of the Twilight Zone…all the stores and kiosks w…


Remembering events and committing them to the written word has been a therapeutic exercise for me.This little blog has helped me bring memories to the surface and work through, “what in the hell I was thinking” at the time they took place.It further gives me the opportunity to reconcile to a few mishaps committed years ago, purge my soul of the associated guilt, while basking in the assurance of the statute of limitations.      One such incident occurred around the spring of 1958, shortly after I had convinced everyone in the neighborhood my little 4 year old brother, Bob, had rabies.  Our scottie dog, Heather Mary, was deeply in love and had a litter of puppies every time it was possible.  She willing gave herself to the love of her life, Nipper…a mixed breed, white and black dog who lived down the street.  Lord, she loved that dog, was always excited to see him (even when she was not in heat) and he did not give her the time of day, unless she was.  For some reason, we waited a long …


The movie, “The 10 Commandments”, starring Charleston Heston and Yul Brynner came out in 1956.It was the greatest motion picture I had ever seen in my few years.It was chock full of special effects such as the Red Sea parting, pillars of fire, water turned into blood and the green cloud of death, coming down to kill the Egyptian’s first born.Further, the Texas theatre in downtown Sherman seemed to be showing it on a regular basis.By watching the church page notices, different denominations were sponsoring their children's Sunday School classes to see the movie for free.All one had to do was show up with the group from the church and they let you in.I claimed to be aBaptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Catholic and Presbyterian to be allowed in with the other young believers.I LOVED that movie and saw it at least a dozen times between 1957 - 1960.
     A big part of the appeal was Yul Brynner.  His head was shorn, he was muscular and articulate with a big, booming voice.  I watched…